Sunday, March 11, 2012


Our school had carried out a Singing and Storytelling Competition.
日期(Date) : 8 February 2012, Wednesday (2012年2月8日-星期三) 
地点(Venue): School Hall (学校礼堂)
时间(Time) : 2.00p.m.(下午两点正)

Below was the result of the competition :
Level 1 : Singing Competition
低年级组 :英语歌唱比赛
第一名(1st place) :王贾绚 Hing Jia Xuan
第二名(2nd place) :卢紫仪 Low Zhi Yi
第三名(3rd place) :王婉馨 Heng Wan Xin
Level 2 : Storytelling Competition
高年级组 :英语演讲比赛
第一名(1st place) :王舒菁 Heng Shu Jing
第二名(2nd place) :谢维杰 Cha Wei Jie
第三名(3rd place) :王建垚 Heng Guang Yao

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